August 11, 2023

Sky High Adventure

Skybridge 721

From Prague to world longest Skybridge 721


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In the heart of nature’s paradise, a remarkable adventure awaits at SKYBRIDGE 721. Situated amidst lush landscapes and offering breathtaking vistas, this attraction promises an unforgettable experience. Join us on a journey as we ascend using a chairlift, explore the Sky Walk for a panoramic view, cross the SKYBRIDGE, and wind our way back through a scenic nature path.

Ascending to the Sky: The Chairlift Experience

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Our adventure begins with a thrilling ascent. We boarded a chairlift that whisked us away to SKYBRIDGE 721, granting us a bird’s-eye view of the picturesque surroundings. As we soared higher, the world below transformed into a mesmerizing tapestry of green, revealing the raw beauty of nature.

The Sky Walk: A Panoramic Perspective

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Upon reaching our destination, we embarked on the Sky Walk—an architectural marvel that brought us closer to the heavens. Perched at a lofty altitude, the Sky Walk offered a 360-degree panorama of the landscape. Gazing out, we felt a sense of awe as we beheld a sprawling canvas of mountains, valleys, and forests.

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The combination of elevation and the transparent walkway beneath our feet added an exhilarating touch to the experience.

Crossing the SKYBRIDGE: A Leap of Faith

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The highlight of our adventure was crossing the SKYBRIDGE — a suspension bridge suspended in mid-air, seemingly connecting the sky to the earth. Stepping onto the bridge, we couldn’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline. The swaying of the bridge beneath our feet and the boundless expanse below created an unforgettable thrill. As we inched forward, our hearts raced, and the world expanded before our eyes.

The Journey Back: Through Nature’s Embrace

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To complete our journey, we descended via a picturesque nature path. The winding trail led us through a serene forest, where the gentle rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds serenaded us. It was a moment of tranquility, providing a beautiful contrast to the excitement of our earlier exploits.

Discovery of History: A Czechoslovakian Bunker

As we made our descent through the enchanting forested path, another unexpected surprise awaited us—a piece of history concealed in the heart of nature. We stumbled upon a Czechoslovakian bunker, a testament to the region’s complex past. This underground structure, once built to protect against potential threats, harkened back to a time of uncertainty and vigilance germans during World War II.

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The bunker’s presence served as a poignant reminder of the region’s historical significance and the resilience of its people. Exploring its dimly lit corridors and imagining the lives of those who once sought shelter within its walls added a layer of depth to our adventure.


Our visit to SKYBRIDGE 721 was a thrilling escapade that immersed us in the wonder of nature’s grandeur. From the chairlift ascent and the Sky Walk’s panoramic vistas to the daring crossing of the SKYBRIDGE and the serene return through the forested path, every moment was a testament to the beauty and adventure that awaits those who seek the heights.

If you’re an adventurer at heart, SKYBRIDGE 721 promises an unforgettable journey to the skies and back, where the majesty of the natural world unfolds in all its glory. Don’t miss the chance to experience this thrilling adventure that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.